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An NL-branch?

If you find yourself expending into the Netherlands, you may find yourself on infamiliar grounds. Legislation, regulation and relevant parties are unknown to you. Where does one start? Cevezet aspires to be your partner on this (exciting) journey into new territory.

Through an extensive intake meeting, we try to provide you with thorough information. Is it necessary or desirable to found a new legal entity and if so, what is the best form in which to start your company? What administrative obligations do dutch companies have to comply with? How should be dealt with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the fiscal authorities (registration)? Which licenses or permits are needed? Ofcourse we can assist you in any and all administrative, accounting, fiscal and legal matters, but we would like to take it a step further. We offer you are network: if you are looking for housing, local management, staff, etcetera, we will be more than happy to direct you to reliable other business partners. Our only goal in doing so is to contribute to your success. Because only if we succeed in doing so, our business relationship will grow into a long lasting one.

Hopefully you will encounter the right chemistry between you and us, because the relation between an accountant and an entrepreneur is based on thrust. We will want (need) to know a great deal about you. If we are to become a true partner in the right sense of the word and if we want to advise you on your business decisions we will need to stay in close contact. So we make ourselves available to you, 'at any time' (if necessary).

If you choose for us to counsel and guide you on your way, We will do so in your best interest. If we feel we are underqualified for some tasks, we will suggest additional counsel for you. If we feel things can be done more efficiently by you or your organisation than by us, we will tell you: some tasks are best done by yourself, other tasks are maybe better left up to us. It obviously all depends on your experience, time, knowledge and budget. Our service will meet your needs. It is as simple as that.

Critical decisions

You may expect Cevezet to be interested in the management of your company. With knowledge of your company and it’s financial accounts we are well equipped to counsel your company in an effective manner. But for us to be effective we need for you to inform us and to consult us prior to certain ‘strategic’ decisions. Hiring and firing of personnel, investments in fixed assets, taking or issuing a loan, contracts, mergers, acquisitions, selling (parts of) your company; these are probably all incidental decisions you have to make. For us, these issues are ‘core-business’. When you are at the crossroads, we can help you choose your path and maybe save or earn some money for you. A simple phone call, will allow us to briefly discuss your intentions and may even allow us to obtain a possible benefit for you.

We can help you see the advantages and disadvantages of the choices you can make. Decision-making is your responsibility. Our responsibility is to make sure that you have all the right knowledge about the opportunities and threats surrounding the issue. What are the legal developments: is there anything to be gained by postponing the matter, or by doing things earlier? Well informed decisions are more likely to be better decisions.

Established companies, a new start?

It may happen, that after some years you are less satisfied with the service of your accountant. You may feel that you can no longer talk to each other, that the attention for your company has faded away, that the cost of your financial accounting seems to arise above the benefits obtained by it, that no input is received or that simply the cooperation has lost it's chemistry.

We do not pretend to do everything better than our competitors. Unfortunately, we are only human and we have our limitations and mistakes. (Mistakes we then try to find a good solution for) But we do pretend to be honest, loyal, efficient and hard working. But above all we are committed to your companies' success. We want to discuss the well-being of your company with you. How are the processes structured? What can be improved? Why do you do the things you do? And why do you do you them as you do them? What strikes us in your financial records? As an established entrepreneur you often need financial accounts to base your policies on. More guidance, proactive thinking, critical comments and questions, contradiction to your plans, creative solutions and suggestions, that is where we have proven our worth in the past, as a sparring partner for entrepreneurs; that is what we would like to be for you. Especially established entrepreneurs sometimes need to be confronted with a new way to look at their organization. And yes, if it is more convenient for you, than we are happy to talk to you outside regular office hours. 

As an entrepreneur you are usually successful, because you know what you are doing. And when time passes, you get a working knowledge of financial accounting and taxes. But who keeps you on the edge? Who stimulates you and keeps your feet on the ground? With whom do you discuss your ideas and market opportunities? Your process-ideas? Who counsels you on legislation and regulation?

Based on the knowledge of the financial accounts of your company, through periodic reports (whether each month or each quarter) and with a solid understanding of legal and fiscal implications, we are well equipped and happy to be your sparring partner. Your plans, doubts, opportunities and threats; we make sure that they are well evaluated. The best decisions are taken after evaluating all the pro's and con's.

Multinationals - a Dutch Branch?

Through the years the Netherlands have developed an interesting fiscal climate for companies from abroad. Multinational companies wanting to establish themselves in the Netherlands often need advice on local legislation. Obviously there are numerous larger accounting firms that are well equipped to service you. But not always is a bigger firm the better firm.

We dispose over excellent contacts when you e.g. have questions on boarder-crossing fiscal matters. You should consult specialists when their services are likely to make a valuable contribution. On the local legislation and regulations, we can inform you excellently. What do you need to attend to while establishing yourself in the Netherlands? What about permits and licenses? What (administrative) obligations will you encounter when you start to employ personnel in the Netherlands? How does the fiscal system work? If you should so desire, we are happy to visit you in order to inform you better. A personal conversation generally meets your information requirements better, than any brochure or website and it is definitely more efficient.

The commitment you encounter from the big accountancy firms with your establishment in the Netherlands is usually less direct. We are happy to involve ourselves in and work with your intern reporting systems. We are happy to explain the differences between the Dutch and your national legislation to you. We will correspond with local authorities on your behalf. And obviously: we speak your language. In brief, we are happy to function as your (financial) representative in the Netherlands, when you do not have those qualities ‘in-house' (yet). We can be your pioneer in your start-up phase. A phase in which you definitely need a proactive committed accountant.

May we be your partner?

On your journey to succes, we would like to be your traveling partner: interested in traveling the road with you, with the aim of arriving there. 

If you are interested in working with us, then you will receive an insightful quotation for our services. Our objective is that our services should be affordable and useful for you. Only if you are successful (and therefore your company profitable) and only if we make a realistic contribution to that success, will you remain a satisfied customer. So logically, our target is nothing less than that: your success.