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Administrative obligations

Cevezet happily helps you fulfill all your administrative obligations. Financial accounting, VAT-returns, wages administration, wage-taxes, income taxes (corporate income tax, private income tax), correspondence with the fiscal or other authorities (the social security organization, the Dutch national bank, the Dutch bureau for statistic information, partners in collective labor agreements, pension funds, etc.), periodic reporting, advice, communication with your banker, statutory accounts, audit statements, in-company reporting, etc, etc.

We will take it upon us to fulfill all obligations that you are not able to, that unaware of or that you just don’t want to spend you time on. And we can do it in a fashion that coincides with your office organization. Obviously, we can advise on a manner in which the work can be organized. But we are more than happy to do it your way. Where necessary we will contradict you, where possible we will go along with you.