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Involved counseling

'Bean-counting' can be a pretty dull task. Or at least, this is the image of an accountant and his job. And restricted to this single task, that's a fair image. However, governing a company is an exciting task, with hardly ever a dull moment. What is going on? Why is that happing? Should that happen? Can we do things in a different manner? Is there an other, maybe a better approach possible? How does the legislation refer to the matter? What does all this mean for the company and/or the entrepreneur? What choices can be made?

Looking at a company in the above manner is never dull, but extremely exciting. Therefore we feel that we are in a privileged position: as your accountant we get to participate in your decision-making process: the thrill of entrepreneurship! If things work out, it is a rush; you get the anticipated result and we get the satisfaction to have contributed to your success. This is the manner in which we would like to approach your accounting And this is why accounting and counseling are indissolubly connected, in our opinion.When we talk about involvement, than we mean proactive thinking, staying in touch with you, leveling ideas, commitment to your success.

National authorities require you to keep financial accounts for your company, in order to fulfill your tax-obligations. If you stop there though, you’ll have made 80% of the costs when only obtaining 20% of the possible benefits. Obviously it is important that your financial accounts are done in a manner that optimizes your VAT and profit-tax obligations, within the boundaries of the applicable legislation. But with that sole purpose, we can hardly distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

We mean to make a difference by at least providing you with periodical financial statements at the end of each accounting period weather that is per month or per trimester, or otherwise. Now not everybody has enough practice or experience to fully understand all implications of a financial statement. Therefore, we discuss these implications with you. At one time, that may be a very brief comment, at another time we will ask for some more of your time and attention.

While discussing your results, we will impose our questions and doubts upon you. What about your profit-expectation? And what does that mean for your fiscal obligations? Do you have enough working capital and how will that develop itself? Upon timely action, banks may be willing to expand your credit-facilities, once your financial obligations have become imminent banks are usually a lot less forthcoming. How do your costs and revenue develop and is there a way in which we can influence them? What caught our attention in your books? What are the current developments within your company and what are your plans? Along these lines a discussion usually develops with all kinds of remarks and questions, that allow us to draw your attention to opportunities and threats, in a timely manner.

Legislation and regulation

The Dutch government often speaks of easing the load of regulations, laws and by-laws entrepreneurs have to abide by. The result often is the change of legislation. Rules you almost thought you knew how to deal with, then change.

Following the development of legislation and regulations is part of our obligations to you. We are happy to draw your attention to a change in legislation or regulation, in a timely manner. Do the developments mean any opportunities or threats for you or your company? What’s left possible for you to do that is advantageous? How can you best organize your company? We are more than happy to advise you in all these matters, but we also like to make a distinction between sense and non-sense. You are probably busy enough as it is, so we try to provide you with information ‘on a need-to-know basis’. Information is only valuable when it is likely to contribute to the success of your company.