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Small print...

We do not enjoy small print. It is part of our jobs to sometimes explain the implication of small print to you as an entrepreneur, should you come across it.

However, in the interest of stipulating our obligations and rights in our service to you, we also need the small print: our general terms and conditions. In those general terms and conditions we explain your and our rights and obligations in detail. Not to tie a knot around your throat, but to prevent us from arriving in a situation where our reciprocal rights and obligations would not be well arranged. So please do read our general terms and conditions. We are more than happy to answer any of your question on those. Our general terms and conditions provide for a limitation of our liability.

Download our general terms and conditions (PDF).

Next to our general terms and conditions, all our activities are bound by the rules for professional behavioral conduct for accountants (VGC). In these rules it is laid down how accountants should behave themselves. The rules are (unfortunately in Dutch only) published on the website of our professional organization, the ‘NBA': www.nba.nl. Should you feel that we have misbehaved and should we not be able to come to an agreement on that issue, you can file a complaint with the discipline counsel. This counsel can, as it's most severe measure, take our competence as auditor from us. More information on this topic you can find with the NBA or on the website www.rvtbaa.nl (in Dutch only, unfortunately).

All our services are also subject to the law 'WWFT'. This law stipulates rules and regulations for financial professionals in order to prevent money-laundering and financing of terrorism. It includes the obligation to identify the ultimate beneficiary owner of an entity, prior to rendering any services.

Accountants in the Netherlands are also obligated to report any suspicious transactions to the responsible authorities (FIU).